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Sailing the Caribbean

Our new film

" Alegria 11 in the Bay Islands, Honduras "
A parenthesis in the life of a sailboat and it's crew.

A great adventure

Sailing the Caribbean

May Day ! May Day ! May Day !

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Our story, making a film, ... Nicole and I joined Marianne and Gaetan ...

A camera, 15 days aboard the sailboat Alegria 11, a cameraman and his accomplice. All they needed to make a film on ... The new life of Gaetan and Marianne

Marianne and Gaetan great accomplices
Alegria 11, a super cutter. 50 footer

Everything for the shots, Spinnaker pole … No helicopter, little budget Photo Marianne

" Nicole and Louis wanted to make a film about our adventure. They came to join us in the Bay Islands in Honduras, in the Caribbean Sea, and they stayed with us 15 days. We visited the islands of : Roatan, Guanaja, Los Cochinos, West-End, Utila, and eventually, La Ceiba on the continent"

Honduras Central America

Perfect Accomplices Photo Marianne

Marianne and Gaetan, a wonderful team for our shooting. Shot taken from the film.


Taking movie shots demands planification. Photo Marianne

What surroundings for making a film

Two weeks ...



In the Bay Islands Honduras



" Alegria 11 in Garifunaland"

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documentary film( 56mts )
15 days for the shooting mar 2005
Caméra Sony PD 150
Caméra Sony DSR-PD100
Louis Charbonneau
Nicole Barry

Making a film …
writing a good script
The shooting everyday
Making sure we had filmed everything we needed












The population of the Bay Islands are isolated about 30 miles away from the Honduran continent. The Garifunas represent a great part of the population. These people came from Africa. They came with all the others. … The Garifunas are the only people taken out of Africa who did not live as slaves in America. The population primarily consists of fishermen who live, in some places, like Cayos Cochinos, in sympathetic huts made of straw. These islands offer protected bays, beaches, atolls and lagoons, … A paradise for diving.




Garifuna music for sailing on the cayocos
Aurelio Martinez


the story of Marianne et Gaétan sailing around the world ...

Marianne: "We needed a change in a sense, we both worked very hard, our jobs were very important, and what we wanted was a change in our life, more time together, a better quality of life. We already had a boat and it was on the boat, that we felt close to each other when we were doing things together, that we were at our best and very happy. So we decided we would spend all our time on a boat. "


Alégria 11 at Cayos Cochinos (photo taken from the film )

Algria 11, A superb 49 foot cutter, aluminium hull. Mariane " We built our boat from a design made by a French naval architect. We made everything ourselves … and it's a fifty foot boat ! We spent 6 years of our life on the construction before leaving for our venture… They were hard times, energy, money, no time for our friends,…Always focussing on the construction of the boat "

for details of the boat http://www.alegria2.com/le_bateau.htm

Marianne takes care of communications and electronic navigation photo taken from the film

What a life Photo Nicole

Marianne " Leaving, leaving our surroundings, people who are close to us, the family, the friends, very significant persons that we leave behind. Leave all that is familiar, all your references, in thesmallest detail, … the super market near by, your dentist, your telephone, … All your surroundings change, … You bring nothing with you … we only brought immediate things. What gets loaded on the boat, all that we could bring with us, but it's nothing compared with what weleave behind us … That's something people don't realize. We think at first, of what awaits us, all the adventure ahead … But in the long run, what we leave behind, it is not evident to realize until we start living the new life punctually"

Visit the boat

Discovering the world meeting new people, finding new cultures ,,,

Gaetan : " To discover new cultures, new food,... It's really interesting... people, here, take the time to live... It's different from our north American way of life, running all the time and not taking time to enjoy and to share with others."
Marianne : "Our new way of life is more human, more punctual... Here, we're not always running. When
I say here... it's true for most places that we visited until now. "

Other ways of sailing around. The cayocos, ... Very tender! Worst than a canoe. Shot taken from the film.

The cayocos are small boats made with the trunks of the local trees. They have a lifespan, of about five years. Sometimes we see them with sails made of all kinds of materials, plastic, old fabrics.... Sometimes, they don't have sails at all. They go far out on these small boats, it's surprising. They don't have a keel, they have a rudder, astern, and it's the skipper and his ability of holding the balance that keeps it afloat.

Marianne : "Everything is different now. When we meet people is not the same... First contacts, when you are in society, in town... The usual questions are about your work? Your social activities ? Here it ismuch more who you are deeply ? More of a personal nature... What do you like ? what do you appreciate more in your journey ? It is the fishing we share with other people, making small visits on other boats, meeting new friends . The happy hour on other boats. Sharing time on ourboat with others, … Everything seems so easy. There is no frontage, the question of clothing doesn't matter. We wear bathing suits, Tee-shirts, … The appearance is secondary. The masksfall, … it's probably because of our way of life. The gatherings are true and authentic."


Not only a film about sailing ... A film about Marianne and Gaetan, about their dream ... about the people

Garifuna Photo Marianne

Happiness !

Marianne : "After these two intensive weeks with our friends, Louis and Nicole... are leaving us. They have a Big bundle full of movie shots. As for us, it's back to our adventure, following the wind "



Film of 57 minutes



Chldren all over the world Photo Marianne

Marianne : " There's a difference between the children we meet in the suburbs of the cities and those that we meet in the islands,… But they all have the same curiosity. We like to visit the small schools. The children almost always have a uniform, they are well dressed ... The teachers are almost always in connivance with them to get them interested in our visit... And it's so nice to meet these children."

Gaetan : " When we left, three years ago, now, we thought we'd continue to plan our displacements, our way of life, as we did before... We quickly realized that it wasn't possible and that it wasn't really what we wished. Now, we let ourselves be guided by what our sailing friends tell us, like the good places they've seen, … We decide by what we're most interested in, … We respect our rhythm. Sailing around the world. yes, no, … we'll decide, when we're there, … "

They wanted to leave



We wanted to make a film



A must for those who want sail away ...


57 minutes , ... Plus thirty minutes extras, ... price 40$


Charter with Marianne and Gaétan ; San Blass Panama

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