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Louis Charbonneau

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Sailing CV
Louis Charbonneau
163 Divina Sauvé, Beauharnois, Qc. (Canada)
J6N 3M9

Retired ( School teacher )

Sailing experience + 40 years of sailing school
+ 50 years starting on family boat, sailing schools in yacht clubs, …
Actual Sail boat : O'Day 37' 1979 bought 1994 (survey 2007)
Former sail boats :Granpion 26'(1986-2000), N.S.22 (1973-1990), Day Sailors (1968-1975), Schooner 40' ( family boat, sold 1975), …
Usual sailing waters
1986-2009, lake Champlain
1968-1986, St-Lawrence river ( lake St-Louis) and lake Champlain.
Before 1969 St-Lawrence river and lake Champlain
Special trips :
Fall 2008 Rivers in France : Pays de la Loire
Fall 2007 Intracoastal Waterway, on board Dia Del Sol
Fall 2006 Le canal du Midi, South of France
Winter 2005, Las Islas de las Bahias, Honduras, on board Alégria 2
Crossing a 44 sloop from Beaufort to St-Martin Nov 2001
Intracoastal W, spring 2001, on board Alero
95-96, the Bahamas, from and to lake Champlain (Intracoastal down, ocean back)
92, St-Lawrence (Gulf) 4 weeks)
90 Turkey, 2 weeks
79 Bretagne (France), 1 week
Many trips to lake Ontario,
Fall 2011. Sailing on board Mediterranean and Atlantic "Bleu d'Olonne". Click

Sailing P.C.Y.C., when young
Radio VHF,
Météo, ...

Publications, Le Radoteur, La Presse Nautique, La Voile, lespuces.com/...
Articles (French)

Film producer :
Film : Technical films on Sailing (French) 2hours, ... French only
Film : Le Roi-Soleil aux Bahamas (2hours) French only...French only
Film : " Un clin d'œil d'Alégria 11 " 2006 French
Film : " Alegria 11 in the Bay Islands" 2006 English
Film : "Évasion au Honduras 2007" French only
Film : "Une chasse aux images sur le canal du midi" 2007 French only
Film : "L'Intracoastal Waterway" Voie navigable..." 2008 French only
: Redécouvrir la France par ses fleuves et rivières « les Pays de la Loire »2009. French only
Film : La voile les deux pieds sur le pont, film technique sur l’apprentissagede la voile 2012 French only
Cours : Cours de voile théorique (modulaire) automne 2013. French only

TV productions on sailing, 3 years, 13 weeks/year, in French : Évasion -Voile (1997-98-99 ), and Le Suroît dans les Voiles(1987-88-89) Vidéotron canal 9 "

Professional Sailing
Founder and instructor, l'École de Voile Louis Charbonneau regtd, 1968 to now..., Sailing school in Québec, tutoring on my boats and student's boats
January 2012

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