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For your security when your sailing on lake Champlain

New on Lake Champlain : friendly network for wind conditions on VHF

Official weather foscast on the lake : They usually give conditions of the wind, but the lake is big …… and they vary from one place to the other.

Lake Champlain : http://www.srh.noaa.gov/data/BTV/RECBTV

Plattsburgh, Clinton County Airport http://www.srh.noaa.gov/data/forecasts/VTZ001.php?warnzone=vtz001&warncounty=vtc013

Burlington : http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/btv/index.shtml

Colchester Reef : http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/btv/html/colreef.html Good conditions/on the lake : but not always given on weather station.

Weather, winds, conditions, ... big lake, mountains, ...

Punctual conditions of winds on lake Champlain on VHS on 06 on the hour between 8 and 18 hours . ( in French summer 2004) are available thanks to a friendly network.
How does it work ?
Every hour on the hour, a call is sent on the VHF on 09 and on 16: "Security... security... security... for conditions of the wind, go on 06, ... ( the participants go on 06, only one call on 09 and 16) wind conditions are given for the covered region : " this is boat so and so, … my position is … The wind blows from such direction, … the speed is … knots … the sea is about … feet. Over and out ! The 3 regions of the lake are usually covered : that makes 3 interventions on 06. Every useful different information is required. The conditions of the wind are not the same all over the lake … That is the main reason for not being able to have good official wind conditions on the lake. The network is useful especially in bad weather.

three sectors of the lake

North ( of Valcour including Inside Sea)


Centre ( Valcour to Burlington including Mallets Bay)


South (of Burlington)

The operation network showed its effectiveness during the season 2004. More participants will permit better results. A few minutes of collaboration... more safety ... Important information : before hoisting the sails or in the course of navigation,..
You can contact me for more information. On my boat, Le Roi-Soleil, from May to September on VHF or Email Louis Charbonneau


Consult your barometer :

A rapid barometer drop indicates stormy weather and rain ... Quick rise, after a low, change direction of wind, strong wind ± N/ NW, W, ... watch for large cumulonimbus coming from western part of the sky, from south to north.

If strong winds are imminent , seek shelter if you can, ... reduce sails, …

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