Louis Charbonneau Sailing School
918 chemin du lac,
Léry, Qc. Canada J6N 1A7
450 692 6982

Inscription and personal information
4 days _____ 6 days ______Week-end _____ others ________
Course : Introduction to sailing _____

Name : _____________________________________________________________________

address : ____________________________________________________________________

tel. Home : __________________ Other tel. : ________________ fax : _________________

Dates required from __________ to ___________ date of arrival ___________ night before, after 7 pm

Cost : __________+ cleaning : 40$ * per contract________do not add taxes. Total of : _________

deposit:________balance of: ________cash on arrival. Make deposit cheque to : ___ Louis Charbonneau ___

No refund inside of 21 days

It is understood that the trainee will not hold the sailing school or Louis Charbonneau or any other person, individually or collectively working for said school, of all the responsibilities being able to ensue from some accidents, troubles, illness or inconveniences that could happen during or following the sailing excursions . The expenses of diesel, " pump-out ", ice and stay, are chargeable to the customer. The guests should feed the crew; each guarantees any object or try whose responsibility is confided (entrusted) to him(her). The return, late in the afternoon (clean-up done) .The participants should attend to the usual tasks of the stay. *An amount 40.00$ is added to the wanted sum (by contract) for cleaning up on return (inside and outside): the amount will be paid back to those who will want to take charge of it. The captain reserves the right to interrupt the stay of a guest, if his behaviour seems to him(her) unacceptable (without any refund) Any object or illegal product, drugs, arms, ... is forbidden. If there is an interruption of the journey for unverifiable reasons, there will be an adaptation of the sums required according to the daily rates (base weekend). The trainee is responsible of informing the person in post in case of breaking, loss, accident, as soon as possible. You should see in your own insurances disease / accident for the United States, as well as in your personal pills... Contract signed according to the valid legal rules in Quebec. The French edition will be the official in case of doubt. Please remember the conditions of the contract.

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